Augusta Insula



• Conversion of spaces and objects of Lastovo, which were held by former Yugoslav army, in attractive and compelling purposes,

• Creating wholesome program of sustainable growth of Lastovo by compete using of human and natural resources and with respect to the highest standards of environmental protection,

• Creating conditions for desirable life on the island by prompting educational, social, health, cultural, communicational and societal conditions,

• Wholesome respect and protection of natural, historical and cultural heritage,

• Finding the model of fixing empty and neglected houses in Lastovo, which will significantly improve living conditions in one of the most picturesque places on Adriatic islands,

• By planting olive and almond trees, and wine yards from Rt veljega mora to Skrivena luka, which is area of approx. 6 square km burned in great fire in 2006., preventing erosion of the land, and also helping the recovery of the area