Lastovo, Croatia


Occupation lasted for almost half a century. Hills were destroyed, tunnels were dug, cannons installed, mines were dug and dwellings erected. Barrels pointed in nonexistent enemies. Everything was built in complete secrecy. There was no access. But, you could see ramps, guards, barbed wires...
And free-spirited island, which writer Teopomp has had mentioned as early as 4th century BC, and which Romans called Augusta Insula - Imperial island which as yet as 10th of January 1310. adopted its rule and which has always had a certain autonomy, new that was only temporary, as is any occupation.
Precisely those places which were recently inhabited by boots, bayonets and grenades, this magical island opens its freedom loving doors to its new occupants. Young and old. To all those whose product, whose service emanates from Adriatic or is meant for Adriatic. To all those who carry Mediterranean in their hearts.

This is the way in which Imperial island becomes simply a meeting place!


Project is aimed for:

  • International IT Community
  • Scientific organizations and associations
  • International business academy
  • International Centre for Astronomy and Climatology
  • A Mediterranean Cultural Circle
  • European and international corporations
  • Philanthropic organizations and foundations
  • Individuals



Proposers of this project believe that the entire Adriatic area, its outback, coast, and most of all, its islands, are extremely precious and valuable. Precisely this valuable and mostly preserved space give us incentives to better re-establish, use and more optimally organize its economic, human and general social potentials, while respecting laws and principles regarding sustainable growth.

This project aims to build modern and international center which will contribute to research and better use of Mediterranean cultures in broadest sense, which will open the doors to IT sector and which will encourage gathering of scientists from European Union offering them optimal working and social conditions.

With this, Croatia gives to European Union interesting and valuable project whose basic idea is to create new grounds of knowing, understanding, modern communication and encouragement of European unity, above all, among young people.