Augusta Insula


Princeza Jadrana d.o.o.

Main objective of this company is identifying desirable and realistic points for implementing specific revitalisation projects, preparation complex and widespread documentation, structuring finances needed for realisation of the whole construction process and support for the potentials created in that way.

Senseconsulting d.o.o

We are a global consulting firm specializing in managing projects in the private and public sector. In the private sector, we partner with enterprises to address challenges regarding strategy, operations, organization and change, and information technology. We guide the client every step of the way, from project preparation to implementation and long-term advisory. In the public sector, we help governments, and public institutions implement major reforms, redesign their work and operations, increasing their efficiency and ability to serve the public.

Geofoto d.o.o

Geofoto is a Croatian company which offers photogrammetric, geoinformation, cartographic and cadastral services.
The company began to operate on September 1st, 1993 in Zagreb. Headquarter is in Zagreb, The main activities of Geofoto are aerial survey, digital photogrammetry, cadastral survey, production of topographic and cadastral databases, design and creation of geoinformation systems and solutions and digital cartography.

Grupa Investinženjering d.o.o

GI Group is a private association which, through its associated companies, brings together engineers, architects, planners, designers, economists and consultants engaged in the construction sector.

Energocontrol d.o.o

Company Energocontrol Ltd., est. 1992., has long professional experience in next activities:
• design, engineering and supervision of power plants
• design and supervision of electro installation work in buildings
• manufacturing, installation and commissioning of electrical equipment for power plants
• control systems for electric and industry facilities
• maintenance and service of different electrical systems for power plants, transformator stations and industry facilities

MSV - sustavi d.o.o.

MSV's primary focus is development and implementation of business information systems. By employing the newest technological solutions we provide complete services in design and implementation of business information systems. Our solutions are flexible in design and can easilly scale across projects of any size. The company was founded seven years ago, however we proudly display and employ a twenty year experience with the same/similar business endeavours. Today, MSV employs more than ten employees who support and develop information systems for over than twenty clients.

MPI Group

mare was founded to represent german consulting architects and engineers, initially in Croatia and later in further South East Europe countries. With more than 160 architects, engineers, economists and technical staff, we are committed to invest our knowledge and experience to contribute to the challenging development process of the region. We deliver our best to reach quality and excellence while upholding the sustainability principles.